Attention BCRO Club Members & Interested Ham Operators

BCRO Club President Loren Lawrence is seeking volunteers to assist at the Sprint The Bend Triathlon Bike Race on Sunday, June 26th. At least six ham operators with HT radios are needed to monitor the race course, with one of those to be positioned in a boat. Club members willing to volunteer should contact Loren at his email address KE5PUV@gmail.com or call him at 479-531-8169. Volunteers will need to be on site at 6 AM and the activities will be over by 11 AM.

Additional information on the event may be found at www.emseries.com/sprint-the-bend-triathlon.html or go to Google and enter “sprint the bend triathlon”
and the information is on top of the list. And web site.

The new 70 cm repeater is active.

443.025    +5 MHz offset    PL tone 110.9

The Benton County Radio Operators (BCRO) purpose is to encourage innovation in amateur radio, provide public service and educational opportunities, foster good will, and to have fun.


Although one purpose of Amateur Radio is fun, it is called the “Amateur Radio Service” because it also has a serious face. The FCC created this “Service” to fill the need for a pool of experts who could provide backup emergency communications. In addition, the FCC acknowledged the ability of the hobby to advance the communication and technical skills of radio, and to enhance goodwill. This philosophy has paid off. Countless lives have been saved where skilled hobbyists act as emergency communicators to render aid, whether it’s during an earthquake in Italy or a hurricane in the U.S.

Please join us and help make this wonderful hobby even better.  We would be happy to see you at one of our meetings, or talk to you on the air.