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BCRO 2020 Field Day Official Announcement!

The Benton County Radio Operators (BCRO) will be participating in the ARRL Annual Field Day on June 27th and 28th at the private residence of Alan Katz KE0QFO Club Vice President, and Sheila Katz K0ETA Club Treasurer.

The Katz family has graciously offered to host this event due to the current state of affairs regarding public health, and limitations placed upon public gatherings.

This year the Club will not have the joy of casual public interaction with curious passersby that would occur at a typical Field Day venue, although we plan to entertain any invited unlicensed guests with an opportunity to participate with us.

Please see the Field Day 2020 Post on the forums for more information.

Get to know us!

The Benton County Radio Operators (BCRO) purpose is to encourage innovation in amateur radio, provide public service and educational opportunities, foster goodwill, and to have fun.

We participate in and provide communications to local events in and around Northwest Arkansas. Our presence can be found at area races and rallies, during times of emergency with the Benton County Emergency Operations Center, and various educational events promoting our wonderful hobby.

Feel free to browse around to find more specific topics, or join us in our community forum to talk to some of our talented members. We look forward to getting to know you and introducing you to the wonderful world of Amateur Radio.

CQ CQ! Calling All Amateur Operators for the BCRO Weekly Net!

Calling all Amateur Radio Operators! The BCRO Net is open to all Thursday Nights at 7 pm on the BCRO repeaters. Join us for an informal weekly discussion of like-minded individuals. Our weekly net is open to members and guests alike. If you can hear us feel free to check-in and participate.