Member Spotlight: N5SQY Rob Shertzer

Posted on Monday, June 01, 2020 by Shane Fitzmaurice - W5ZQI in Member Spotlight

Rob Shertzer (N5SQY) is a member of ARRL and joined BCRO in May. Rob obtained his technician class license in 1991 when, as a member of Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity, Randy Love (WF5X) encouraged him to get his license. Unfortunately, Rob lost interest in ham radios after college with the proliferation of cell phones. Since 2012, he has had an hour-long work commute and has been concerned that he may not be able to communicate with his family during an emergency. So, after 25 years, he has gotten back on the air after receiving a Yaesu FTM-400XDR dual-band radio this past Christmas. Since that time, he has been active on most afternoon drives home from work, on the NWA link system, and also on many of the area nets.

Rob played bass trombone while in high school and also in the U of A Razorback Band. Starting in 1995, he worked with a fellow OT, Greg Garner (KG5JDY), and Kevin Price (W5KMP) at Artran, designing/installing machine tool controls and poultry plant automation. Years later, Rob worked at Bitworks, supervising the production of circuit board assemblies. While there, he helped install and maintain a Micon 108 KW wind turbine. Since 2012, Rob enjoys working as a Project Engineer at Ducommun in Huntsville, which builds electronic assemblies for major military contractors.

Rob and his wife Amanda live in Prairie Grove with their two boys and a girl, ages 13, 11, 10. Considering himself a “Jack of all trades” with various technical skills. His interests in addition to amateur radio and family include electric cars & renewable energy, camping, preparedness, firearms, studying history, and actively defending our constitutionally protected rights.
Following his participation in the 2020 Arkansas QSO Party with Vinson Carter (K5VCA), and Don Banta (K5DB), Rob is now learning Morse code (for fun) and studying to get his General class “ticket.” Amanda is studying to get her technician class license.

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